The EMS Interior for the H 130 T2 is designed and manufactured using Air Ambulance Technology's "Quick Conversion Technology". It is made in a module part system, giving the operator the possibility to react quickly to every mission he is faced with.
Airbus Helicopters H 130 T2 Interior Solutions
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The EMS Interior for the Bell 205 / 212 and 412 are designed and built with weight and efficiency in mind. The interior, for both the 1 and 2 patient configurations can be installed and de-installed within just a few minutes giving the operator the chance to easily clean and disinfect the aircraft should it be necessary.
Bell 205 / 212 / 412 Interior Solutions
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The Learjet air ambulance interior can cater for up to 2 patients requiring intensive and non-intensive care treatment. The interior can be customed to the Operators special requirements, and can be easily configured to the mission requirements.
Learjet Air Ambulance Interiors
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Air Ambulance Technology offers several possibilities for Medical Evacuation Equipment. Based on either an easy to wash and install pallet, or even a self contained specially adapted container, all MEDEVAC equipment are designed and manufactured to customer preferences.
MEDEVAC Solutions
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Rotorcraft Interiors

Rotorcraft Interior Solutions

Rotorcraft EMS Interiors. All Interiors come with a full EASA STC

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MEDEVAC Solutions

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Air Ambulance Technology has been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing aircraft interiors for over 20 years.

Our interiors are "Real" quick change interiors, tailor-made to customer wishes and needs, and can be installed in normal circumstances within 30 minutes.

We hold a wide range of STC's for many different aircraft both with EASA and FAA.

If you cannot find the aircraft you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with all your aircraft interior questions.